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Supplementary Material for: Direct Aspiration Catheter Fracture and Retrieval during Neurothrombectomy

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posted on 26.01.2018, 11:07 by Moshayedi P., Jadhav A.P.
Background: Application of direct aspiration catheters has revolutionized acute stroke care and has led to significant improvement in clinical outcome with a good safety profile. Catheter fracture and retention is a rare but potentially devastating complication. Case Description: Here we present two cases of acute stroke complicated by aspiration catheter fracture and retention. Successful catheter retrieval and revascularization was achieved in both cases. The stenosis or tortuosity of vascular anatomy appears to be the probable contributor to catheter breakage by anchoring the catheter with resultant fracture at the constraint point from catheter withdrawal tensile stress. Conclusion: This report describes application of snare devices in retrieving a broken catheter during thrombectomy in the anterior and posterior circulation, and therefore presents a technique that can be safely utilized to address catheter breakage complicating thrombectomy in different vascular anatomic locations.


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