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Supplementary Material for: Disease-Specific Molecular Profiles Highlighted by Radar Graphic Display

posted on 20.05.2020, 09:17 by Scala E., Abeni D., Asero R.
Background: Management of hundreds of analytes obtained from the molecular multiplex techniques currently available may represent a challenge for clinicians in daily clinical practice. Objectives: The aim of the study was to describe a comprehensive and simple approach to assess such complex molecular results, to display relevant disease-specific signatures at a glance, and to facilitate their interpretation. Method: A total of 6,332 consecutive allergic patients, categorized based on clinical symptoms reported at the time of the first visit before IgE testing, were evaluated through ImmunoCAP ISAC112®. Results and Conclusions: The occurrence of bronchial asthma is associated with polcalcin, serum albumin, or lipocalin reactivity. Higher risk of severe reaction to food is linked to tropomyosin or nonspecific lipid transfer protein reactivity (in the absence of plant pathogenesis-related proteins [PR-10] or profilin sensitization). We used radar graphic display to highlight, at a glance, the molecular reactivity profiles associated with relevant disease-specific patterns.