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Supplementary Material for: Endoscopic Evaluation and Dissection of the Anterior Vitreous Base

posted on 17.01.2017, 14:59 by Boscher C., Kuhn F.

The specific concept of pathological anterior vitreous base (AVB) and of its endoscopy-assisted dissection was elaborated during our 20 years' experience with endoscopy for observing the ‘in vivo' anatomy and pathoanatomy of the AVB, and for dissecting the anterior vitreous cortex in over 2,000 consecutive eyes. Endoscopy provides a 360° view of the entire vitreous cavity akin to the surgeon's eye being inside the operated eye. Evaluation of the capsulozonular complex, ciliary body, and AVB is not only independent of anterior media transparency, but unimpeded by scleral depression and magnified. High magnification dissection of the AVB gel can be conducted in an individualized and unmatched fashion.