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Supplementary Material for: Evaluating a Comprehensive Model of Euthymia

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posted on 2023-03-14, 13:26 authored by Vittengl J.R., Jarrett R., Ro E., Clark L.A.
Introduction: In research and treatment of mood disorders, “euthymia” traditionally denotes the absence of clinically significant mood disturbance. A newer, expanded definition of euthymia also includes positive affect and psychological well-being. Objective: We aimed to test this comprehensive model of euthymia and estimate the coherence and predictive power of each factor in the model. Methods: Community-dwelling adults (N = 601), including both mental health outpatients and non‑patients at high risk for personality pathology, completed a battery of interviews and questionnaires at time 1. Most (n = 497) were reassessed on average 8 months later (time 2). We modeled euthymia using standard mood, personality, and psychosocial functioning assessments rather than measures designed specifically for euthymia. Results: The hypothesized model of euthymia was supported by confirmatory factor analysis: Specific measures loaded on three lower order factors (mood disturbance, positive affect, and psychological well-being) that reflected general euthymia at time 1. Each factor (general euthymia plus lower order factors) demonstrated moderately strong concurrent (time 1) and predictive (time 1 to 2) correlations with outcomes, including employment status, income, mental health treatment consumption, and disability. Compared to positive affect and psychological well-being, mood disturbance had stronger incremental (i.e., non-overlapping) relations with these outcomes. Conclusions: Support for a comprehensive model of euthymia reinforces efforts to improve assessment and treatment of mood and other disorders. Beyond dampening of psychological distress, euthymia-informed treatment goals encompass full recovery, including enjoyment and meaning in life.


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