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Supplementary Material for: Femtosecond LASER-Assisted Double Intraocular Lens Exchange in Nanophthalmic Eyes

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posted on 2024-02-12, 14:31 authored by Levinger N., Erdinest N., London N., Levinger E., GoldfeatherBenZaken S., Barequet D., Barequet I., Achiron A., Levinger S.
Introduction: Though patients with nanophthalmos frequently endure decreased quality of vision with contact lenses or spectacles, refractive surgery is generally an inadequate alternative due to the associated high refractive error. A refractive lens exchange (RLE) is an alternative option but is technically challenging, requiring accuracy in biometry measurements and procedures. Case Presentation: This case discusses a 27-year-old female with nanophthalmos (axial lengths 17.6 mm and 17.4 mm, right and left eyes, respectively) who underwent a femtosecond laser-assisted (FLA) RLE with simultaneous implantation of a monofocal and a Sulcoflex trifocal (Rayner, Britain) lens in each eye. Preoperative cycloplegic refraction was +11.50/−0.75 × 145 and +12.00/−1.00 × 35 in the RE and LE, respectively. Best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) at distance and near in the RE and LE was 6/7.5 and J1, 6/8.5 and J2, respectively. Uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) was >6/120 and >J14 for each eye. FLA RLE was performed in the RE, then in the LE 2 weeks later. In each eye, a monofocal (44.0 D, RE, and LE) and a Sulcoflex trifocal lens (both implants, Rayner, Britain) were implanted in one procedure. Distance and near UCVA measured 6 weeks post-op RE and 1-month post-op LE at 6/8.5 and J1 in the RE, 6/10 and J1 in the LE. The RE and LE refraction and BCVA were +0.50/−1.00 × 115, 6/7.5, and plano/−1.00 × 55, 6/8.5, respectively. The post-op outcomes were uneventful. Conclusion: A single procedure concurrently implanting a monofocal and Sulcoflex trifocal intraocular lens in nanophthalmic eyes resulted in an excellent UCVA. This procedure can be considered esthetic and reconstructive as it significantly improves patient appearance and function.


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