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Supplementary Material for: Identification of Copy Number Variants on Human Chromosome 22 in Patients with a Variety of Clinical Findings

posted on 14.03.2017, 13:12 by Yu S., Graf W.D., Ramalingam A., Brawner S.J., Joyce J.M., Fiedler S., Zhou X.-G., Liu H.-Y.

The aims of this study were to create a copy number variant (CNV) profile of human chromosome 22 and to establish a genotype-phenotype correlation for patients with genomic abnormalities on chromosome 22. Thus, 1,654 consecutive pediatric patients with a diversity of clinical findings were evaluated by high-resolution chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA). We identified 25 individuals with abnormal CNVs on chromosome 22, representing 1.5% of the cases analyzed in this cohort. Meanwhile, we detected 1,298 benign CNVs on this chromosome in these individuals. Twenty-one of the 25 abnormal CNVs and the majority of the benign CNVs occurred through involvement of the 8 unstable genomic regions enriched with low copy repeats (LCR22A–H). The highly dynamic status of LCR22s within the 22q11 region facilitates the formation of diverse genomic abnormalities. This CNV profile provides a general perspective of the spectrum of chromosome 22 genomic imbalances and subsequently improves the CNV-phenotype correlations.