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Supplementary Material for: Immunostaining of Pulpal Nerve Fibre Bundle/Arteriole Associations in Ground Serial Sections of Whole Human Teeth Embedded in Technovit® 9100

posted on 18.06.2013, 00:00 by Steiniger B.S., Bubel S., Böckler W., Lampp K., Seiler A., Jablonski B., Guthe M., Stachniss V.
A technique for embedding human undecalcified tooth specimens in Technovit® 9100 was developed, which permits immunohistological evaluation of pulp tissue in serial ground sections. Human molars were divided into 14-18 sections of about 23 µm thickness. Immunohistological double staining for S-100 and CD34 revealed unique associations of myelinated nerve fibre bundles with arterioles, which continued through the entire tooth pulp. These arterioles were not only accompanied by, but partially or totally enveloped in longitudinally orientated myelinated nerve fibre bundles. We speculate that this unique arrangement may mechanically support the arterioles and alleviate detection or regulation of their contraction state by sensory nerve cells.