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Supplementary Material for: LncRNA MAFG-AS1 Promotes the Progression of Bladder Cancer by Targeting the miR-143-3p/COX-2 Axis

posted on 25.11.2020, 10:40 by Li D., Zhong S., Zhu Z., Jiang X., Zhang J., Gu J., Chen F.
Background: Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are potential biomarkers that are very important for the development of cancer. Studies show that lncRNAs are significantly correlated with the carcinogenesis and progression of bladder cancer (BLCA). In this research, we aimed at probing into the role of lncRNA MAFG-AS1 in the tumorigenesis of BLCA. Methods: RT-qPCR was employed to detect MAFG-AS1 expression in BLCA tissues and cells. MAFG-AS1 siRNA and overexpression plasmid were transfected into 5637 and T24 BLCA cell lines to inhibit or upregulate MAFG-AS1 expression, respectively, and then the regulatory functions of MAFG-AS1 on BLCA cell proliferation, migration, and invasion were assessed using cell counting kit-8 (CCK-8) assay, EdU method, and Transwell experiments, respectively. Dual-luciferase reporter assay and RNA immunoprecipitation were conducted to validate the targeting relationships between MAFG-AS1 and miR-143-3p, and miR-143-3p and COX-2. In addition, miR-143-3p was repressed in MAFG-AS1-silenced 5637 and T24 cell lines, and the function of MAFG-AS1/miR-143-3p axis in BLCA cells was further evaluated. The regulatory effects of MAFG-AS1 and miR-143-3p on the expression of COX-2 protein were detected by Western blot. Results: MAFG-AS1 was remarkably upregulated in BLCA patient tissues and cell lines, and its high expression was closely related to histological grade, tumor size, and lymph node metastasis. Silencing of MAFG-AS1 inhibited BLCA cell proliferation, metastasis, and invasion, while overexpression of MAFG-AS1 in BLCA cells had opposite biological effects. MAFG-AS1 was proved to target miR-143-3p to repress its expression. Moreover, it was confirmed that MAFG-AS1 and miR-143-3p could modulate COX-2 expression. Conclusion: The MAFG-AS1/miR-143-3p/COX-2 axis contributes to BLCA progression.


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