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Supplementary Material for: Miniaturized bioengineered models for preterm fetal membrane healing

posted on 16.06.2022, 12:31 authored by Famos F., Avilla-Royo E., Vonzun L., Ochsenbein-Kölble N., Ehrbar M.
Introduction: The reason for the absence of fetal membrane (FM) healing after a fetoscopic intervention is not known. We hypothesize that the lack of robust miniaturized models to study preterm FM functions is currently hampering the development of new treatments for FM healing. Specifically, miniaturized models to study preterm FM healing with minimal amounts of tissue are currently lacking. Methods: In this study, we collected FMs from planned cesarean deliveries and developed different ex vivo models with an engineered biomaterial to study FM healing. Then, the effect of PDGF-BB on the migration of cells from preterm and term FMs was evaluated. Results: FMs could be viably cultured ex vivo for 14 days. In a model of punctured FMs, migration of cells into FM defects was less pronounced than migration out of the tissue into the biomaterial. In a miniaturized model of preterm cell migration, PDGF-BB promoted migration of preterm amnion cells into the biomaterial. Discussion and Conclusion: By using a novel miniaturized model of preterm tissue, we here successfully demonstrate that PDGF-BB can promote preterm FM cell migration of microtissues encapsulated in a three-dimensional environment.


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