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Supplementary Material for: Noninvasive Home Mechanical Ventilation in Adult Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: A Systematic Review

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posted on 07.05.2021, 07:50 by Vosse B.A.H., Seijger C., Cobben N., vanEngelen B., vanKuijk S.M.J., Faber C., Wijkstra P.
Introduction: Chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure induces considerable morbidity and mortality in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1). This study systematically reviews the effects of noninvasive home mechanical ventilation (HMV) on gas exchange, quality of life, survival, and compliance in DM1 patients. Methods: A systematic Medline and Embase search was performed (January 1995 to January 2020). Records were screened for eligibility criteria, data were extracted from included studies, and risk of bias was assessed. We present findings mainly using a narrative synthesis. Results: Twenty-eight relevant full-text articles were screened for eligibility criteria. Nine studies were included. Randomized controlled trials were not found. Studies had either an observational (n = 8) or interventional (n = 1) design. In the pooled data analysis, HMV showed to improve mean oxygen saturation with 4.8% and decreased mean carbon dioxide values with 3 mm Hg. Compliance varied widely between studies, from no use to more than 12 h per day. Quality of life was not studied extensively, but some studies reported positive effects of HMV on symptoms of chronic respiratory failure. HMV may improve survival in DM1 patients with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure. Conclusion: This review shows that HMV can improve gas exchange and relieve symptoms with a possible survival benefit in DM1 patients with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure. Future studies should focus on developing strategies to optimize the timing of HMV initiation and to promote compliance.