Supplementary Material for: Nursing Students’ Perceptions of the Dedicated Education Unit Model in 2 UAE Hospitals

Background: Initially developed in Australia, Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) is an innovative approach to support the growth and development of nursing students while on clinical placement in the hospital setting. With the increasing number of nursing students requiring clinical placement, nursing needed to explore further ways to support students and preceptors in the clinical area. Methods: The study followed a sequential explanatory mixed-methods design to investigate participants’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the DEU model in improving nursing students’ learning experiences. The DEU model was implemented in 2 Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) hospitals in Al Ain City, and feedback was obtained from both students and their preceptors via survey and focus group sessions. Results: The study showed positive results with students feeling supported to learn new knowledge and skills by their preceptors. Preceptors reported that they were better able to facilitate student placements in an environment that supported learning. Conclusion: The introduction of the DEU model has supported increasing numbers of students in the clinical area and provided an improved environment for learning.