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Supplementary Material for: Oculomotor Paresis with Cyclic Spasms in Chinese Populations: A Review of the Chinese Literature and a Case Report

posted on 04.05.2021, 13:51 by Nan H., Li R., Zhu L., Wang Q., Wang J., Jing Y.
Introduction: Oculomotor paresis with cyclic spasms (OPCS) is a rare disorder in which the muscles innervated by the third cranial nerve undergo alternating rhythmic spasm and paralysis. This disease is usually noticeable at birth or developing during the first year of life. To date, most of the OPCS cases reported in the English-language literature were Caucasians. Case Presentation: In this study, we review OPCS patients published in China’s high-quality journals and report 1 new case encountered in our clinic. The clinical characteristics of 29 Chinese OPCS patients are summarized. Our review demonstrates the same trend in the analysis values for the onset age, pupil, lid, eye movement, time of cycles, and preferentially involved side in Chinese OPCS patients in comparison with previous reviews. Moreover, we review a case combined with Marcus Gunn Syndrome, a case with rapid relief under oral carbamazepine treatment, and cases with atypical patterns of cyclic changes. Discussion: Our study may broaden the current knowledge and phenotypic spectrum of OPCS.