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Supplementary Material for: Optimizing the Decellularized Porcine Liver Scaffold Protocol

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posted on 09.10.2020, 07:08 by AlabyPinheiroFaccioli L., SuhettDias G., Hoff V., LemosDias M., FerreiraPimentel C., Hochman-Mendez C., BrazParente D., Labrunie E., SouzaMourão P.A., RogériodeOliveiraSalvalaggio P., Goldberg A.C., CamposdeCarvalho A.C., dosSantosGoldenberg R.C.
There are few existing methods for shortening the decellularization period for a human-sized whole-liver scaffold. Here, we describe a protocol that enables effective decellularization of the liver obtained from pigs weigh 120 ± 4.2 kg within 72 h. Porcine livers (approx. 1.5 kg) were decellularized for 3 days using a combination of chemical and enzymatic decellularization agents. After trypsin, sodium deoxycholate, and Triton X-100 perfusion, the porcine livers were completely translucent. Our protocol was efficient to promote cell removal, the preservation of extracellular matrix (ECM) components, and vascular tree integrity. In conclusion, our protocol is efficient to promote human-sized whole-liver scaffold decellularization and thus useful to generate bioengineered livers to overcome the shortage of organs.


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