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Supplementary Material for: Outcomes and Feasibility of an Occupational Care Programme (TERRA) to Support Work Ability of Rare and Advanced Cancer Patients: A Report of 7 Cases

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posted on 2023-10-11, 10:42 authored by Hosman F.L., Rozemeijer S.C.A., Zegers A.D., Becker-Commissaris A., Klümpen H.-J., vanderVorst M.J.D.L., Brom L., Duijts S.F.A.
Introduction: Advancements in the field of oncology are allowing patients to live longer, with enhanced quality of life (QoL). Accordingly, more patients with cancer are expressing the desire to return to work (RTW). Previous research has indicated that patients with a rare or advanced cancer can experience unique problems in the RTW process. Methods: This pilot study evaluated the outcomes and feasibility of the occupational care programme TERRA (i.e., recalibraTe lifE and woRk with and afteR cAncer) for patients with a rare or advanced cancer. Four rare cancer patients and three advanced cancer patients completed TERRA; a supportive occupational care programme consisting of five online group sessions over a two-month period. Pre- and post-intervention outcomes were collected using validated self-report questionnaires. The primary outcome was work ability. Secondary outcomes included QoL, anxiety and depression, fatigue, unmet needs, self-efficacy, readiness for RTW, work intention, work involvement, and work-life conflict. Feasibility was assessed using the RE-AIM model. Results: Changes in work ability scores were inconsistent across participants. Well-being outcomes generally improved following the intervention. Feasibility was evaluated positively by both participants and trainers. Discussion/Conclusion: A multidisciplinary approach may further improve outcomes of occupational interventions supporting rare and advanced cancer patients. An effectiveness study to evaluate the outcomes and feasibility of the programme is deemed necessary.


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