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Supplementary Material for: Partial 5p Gain and 15q Loss in Three Patients from a Family with a t(5;15)(p13.3;q26.3) Translocation

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posted on 14.12.2020, 13:13 by Bellucco F.T., Favilla B.P., Perrone E., Melaragno M.I.
Several patients with 5p duplication or 15q deletion have been reported in the literature, involving different chromosome regions and clinical features. Here, we describe a family in which we identified a 30-Mb 5p15.33p13.3 gain and a 2.5-Mb 15q26.3 loss in 3 individuals, due to a balanced familial translocation between chromosomes 5p and 15q. They presented a similar combination of clinical findings related to their genetic imbalances, but there were also phenotypic differences between them. Our analyses show that their clinical picture is mostly caused by the loss in 15q and not the gain in 5p, despite its much larger size. Our findings suggest that other genes, besides the IGF1R gene, in the 15q26.3 region, such as the CHSY1 gene, may have a great impact on the clinical picture of the syndrome. Our data emphasize the importance of detailed cytogenomic and clinical analyses for an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and genetic counseling, providing an opportunity to improve genotype-phenotype correlations of patients with partial 5p duplication and 15q deletion syndromes.