Supplementary Material for: Posterior Hyaloid Dissection: Let’s Make It Easy with Blue

Purpose: Our aim is to present in this online supplementa ry video (see an easy new surgical technique using blue dye to dissect the posterior hyaloid when performing pars plana vitrectomy. Procedures: Dual-Blue stain is injected in vitreous cavity just after central vitrectomy is performed. The distribution of the blue stain will allow us to know if there is a posterior vitreous detachment or not (“blue lake fashion” or “blue jelly fashion,” respectively) and as an excellent visualization of the vitreous fibers is accomplished, dissection of the posterior hyaloid can be performed without difficulty. Results: This procedure allows a much more simple, fast, and safe dissection of posterior hyaloid even for an inexperienced vitreoretinal surgeon. The cleavage plane between the retina and the posterior hyaloid is easily differentiated. Conclusions: A more controlled and easy dissection of posterior hyaloid during vitrectomy is accomplished with this simple technique without adding any extra cost. Message of the paper: An easy technique that allows a much easier dissection of the posterior hyaloid during vitrectomy improving visualization and decreasing risks. No extra cost, nor time is needed.