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Supplementary Material for: Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Novel Porous Microspheres with Different Concentrations of Bilirubin

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posted on 25.05.2016, 00:00 by Su R., Rao Y., Shen X., Zhu J., Ji A., Jin G., Dai C., Hou W., Yu M., Lu W.
Background: Plasma perfusion was widely used to clear toxic substances of plasma. Particle size and uniformity of adsorbent microspheres also affect the absorption rate. Methods: Conventional suspension polymerization was improved using a pre-dispersion homogenizer to obtain novel adsorbent microspheres, named ERM-0100. Microsphere-related characteristics and attributes were analysed. Result: The ERM-0100 microspheres efficiently adsorbed different bilirubin concentrations, with a maximum rate of 59.72 ± 1.08%. At high bilirubin concentrations, ERM-0100 exhibited similar adsorption rate with BRS350 and BS330 (p = 0.303, p = 1.000, relatively), and higher than HB-H-6 (p = 0.000). At different concentration, ERM-0100 showed good adsorption performance. The ERM-0100 had no significant adsorption for electrolyte; for TP and ALB, the loss rates of ERM-0100 were 15.65 ± 0.36 and 23.23 ± 1.11%, respectively. In addition, ERM-0100 showed good blood compatibility. Conclusion: The ERM-0100 is a potential biomedical material for plasma perfusion for good effect, less costs and more safety. The microspheres may be coated to reduce its protein adsorption.