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Supplementary Material for: Reciprocal Translocation t(4;7)(q14;q28) in Cattle: Molecular Characterization

posted on 06.07.2010, 00:00 by De Lorenzi L., Kopecna O., Gimelli S., Cernohorska H., Zannotti M., Béna F., Molteni L., Rubes J., Parma P.
Cytogenetic analysis of a phenotypically normal young bull from the Marchigiana breed revealed the presence of an abnormal chromosome. The finding of one oversize chromosome in all metaphases, associated with a 2n = 60, XY karyotype, suggested that a reciprocal translocation had occurred. RBG-banding and FISH analyses, using specific bovine BAC probes, identified a de novo reciprocal translocation t(4;7)(q14;q28). The presence of rcp(4;7) was confirmed by FISH experiments using BTA4 and BTA7 whole chromosome probes. An array-CGH analysis (Agilent 244A) using a bovine custom design was performed to investigate if the translocation was associated with loss or gain of genetic material. The absence of a concomitant deletion or duplication at the break points allowed the balanced state of the translocation to establish. The analysis also revealed the presence of several CNVs throughout the genome. To our knowledge this is the first time the balanced condition of a cattle RCP has been ascertained using the array-CGH approach.


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