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Supplementary Material for: Reversible Focal Dystonia Secondary to Giant Perivascular Spaces

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posted on 12.02.2020, 09:26 by DeSchlichting E., Zaldivar-Jolissaint J.F., Castrioto A., Reyns N., Chabardès S.
Giant perivascular spaces (PVS) are rare, CSF-filled, dilated cavities lined by the pia mater that are most often asymptomatic radiological findings but can sometimes cause neurological symptoms. We present two exceptional cases of secondary focal dystonia induced by the mass effect on the basal ganglia caused by giant diencephalic PVSs. In both cases, we chose a surgical stereotactic drainage approach as a treatment strategy that allowed controlling the movement disorders. The beneficial therapeutic effect was sustained at long-term follow-up. We believe that similar cases could be addressed successfully with this method.