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Supplementary Material for: Sequence Similarities between Viroids and Human MicroRNAs

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posted on 08.07.2020, 10:50 by Bengone-Abogourin J.G., Chelkha N., Verdin E., Colson P.
Viroids are minute unencapsidated non-coding circular RNAs known to be present and to cause diseases only in plants. Infections were associated with the occurrence of specific single-stranded RNAs similar in size to miRNAs and endogenous small interfering RNAs, and viroid pathogenicity is suspected to occur through RNA interference. We looked for sequence similarities between viroids and the seed region of human microRNAs (hsa-miRNAs). Viroid genomes were retrieved from GenBank and mature hsa-mi­RNAs were retrieved from miRBase. Two hundred 300-nucleotide-long sequences were randomly generated as controls. BLAST searches were performed using viroids as queries and hsa-miRNAs as subjects with relaxed parameters, and matches involving hsa-miRNA seed regions were considered. A total of 81,021 matches were found, and 1,501 that showed 100% identity with whole hsa-miRNA seed regions were selected. The most frequent matches involved Chrysanthemum stunt viroid or Hop stunt viroidspecies with hsa-miR-4286, in 365 and 207 cases, respectively. Three hsa-mi­RNAs (miR-4286, miR-6808-5p, and miR-3622a-3p) were involved in 47% of all matches between viroids and hsa-mi­RNAs. Taken together, these findings warrant further investigation on the potential of viroids and their derived small RNAs to cross kingdoms and interact with nucleic acids in humans.


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