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Supplementary Material for: Skin Care in the Tattoo Parlor: A Survey of Tattoo Artists in New York City

posted on 09.06.2016, 00:00 by Rosenbaum B.E., Milam E.C., Seo L., Leger M.C.
To understand the role that tattooists play in providing skin care advice, we conducted an online, survey-based study of 90 licensed tattooists in New York City. The survey asked tattooists about their exposure to adverse tattoo events, advising on tattoo removal/correction, behaviors regarding preexisting skin conditions and aftercare, confidence in addressing client questions about adverse events and preexisting conditions, and prior training about skin conditions related to tattoos. Most tattooists (92.8%) reported being asked by clients to evaluate adverse tattoo reactions, 85% were asked about tattoo removal, and 90% were asked about the safety of getting a tattoo with a preexisting skin condition. About half (56.1%) had received training about skin conditions related to tattoos. Tattooists with prior training reported higher rates of optimal skin care behaviors and higher confidence with tattoo-related skin conditions; 91.4% reported interest in skin care education. Tattooists play a major role in the skin health of their clients. Providing education for tattooists may improve skin care in populations less likely to see a dermatologist.