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Supplementary Material for: Subjective and Objective Assessment of Chewing Performance in Older Adults with Different Dental Occlusion

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posted on 2023-01-20, 11:42 authored by Nedeljković Đ., MilićLemić A., KuzmanovićPfićer J., Stančić I., Popovac A., Čelebič A.
Objectives: Satisfactory masticatory function is a significant indicator of improved oral health related quality of life in older adults, either with or artificial teeth. The purpose of this study was to examine masticatory performance of older adults with different prostho-dontic reconstructions and occlusion, as well as to compare subjective and objective as-sessment of chewing performance. Material and Methods: This study included 100 partici-pants aged 65 and more. The chewing function questionnaire (CFQ) with answers on the Likert scale 0 - 4 (0 = no difficulties; 4 = maximum difficulties) was used as an indicator of subjective masticatory assessment. The two-color chewing gum test was used as objective assessment of masticatory function (mixing ability), based on the Z-score values. Dental occlusion was assessed using functional teeth units (FTU). Results: The results ob-tained using the CFQ and the clinical mixing ability test are in compliance with each other (r = 0.742). A decrease in the number of natural teeth, especially posterior teeth, progres-sively reduced chewing ability and increased difficulties in mastication. Participants with less FTUs, or with FTUs that are a part of removable denture, had greater reduction in mas-ticatory function compared to those with FTUs composed of natural teeth or fixed partial dentures. Conclusion: This study revealed a strong positive correlation between the subjective masticatory assessment in older adults using the validated questionnaire and the objective clinical test of the mixing ability of two chewing gums. Our data on influence of the number and the type of FTU on masticatory performance will be valuable when plan-ning prosthodontic therapy.


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