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Supplementary Material for: Successful Unilateral Surgical Approach to Internal Globus Pallidus and Ventral Intermediate Nucleus of the Thalamus in 3 Cases of Myoclonus-Dystonia Syndrome

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posted on 26.11.2020, 13:21 by Mercado-Pimentel R., Piedimonte F., Micheli F., Montilla-Uzcátegui V., Barbosa N., Ramírez-Gómez C., Zúñiga-Ramírez C.
Surgical approaches of internal globus pallidus (GPi) and ventral intermediate thalamic nucleus (Vim) have been used to treat different movement disorders. Three subjects with myoclonus-dystonia syndrome were surgically treated, one of them with GPi and Vim stimulation, while radiofrequency ablation of these structures was performed in the other 2 subjects. Surgical approach of both targets was performed simultaneously on each subject. Mean follow-up was of 33.3 months (22–48 months), the Unified Myoclonus Rating Scale action myoclonus (AM), functional tests (FT), patient questionnaire (PQ) sub-scores, and the Unified Dystonia Rating Scale (UDRS) were used during assessments. Improvement in all scales were seen 6 months after surgery (AM: 74%, FT: 60%, PQ: 63%, UDRS: 65%), and this benefit persisted throughout follow-up (AM: 61%, FT:62%, PQ: 65%, UDRS: 86%). No adverse events were noticed. Simultaneous unilateral procedures of GPi and Vim by either stimulation or ablation techniques improve both motor and functional scores in myoclonus-dystonia syndrome.