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Supplementary Material for: Targeting HMGA2 in Retinoblastoma Cells in vitro Using the Aptamer Strategy

posted on 01.07.2016, 10:19 by Nalini V., Deepa P.R., Raguraman R., Khetan V., Reddy M.A., Krishnakumar S.
High-mobility group A2 (HMGA2) protein regulates retinoblastoma (RB) cancer cell proliferation. Here, a stable phosphorothioate-modified HMGA2 aptamer was used to block HMGA2 protein function in RB cells. HMGA2-aptamer internalisation in RB cells (Y79, Weri Rb1) and non-neoplastic human retinal cells (MIO-M1) were optimised. Aptamer induced dose-dependent cytotoxicity in RB cancer cells (0.25-1.5 µM). Increased expression of TGFβ, SMAD4, CDH1, BAX, CASP 3, PARP mRNA and decreased SNAI1, Bcl2 mRNA levels in aptamer-treated RB cells suggests the activation of TGFβ-SMAD4-mediated apoptotic pathway. Synergistic effect with etoposide was observed in aptamer treated RB cells (p value ≤0.05). No significant toxicity was observed in non-neoplastic retinal cells.