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Supplementary Material for: The Role of Digital Navigators in Promoting Clinical Care and Technology Integration into Practice

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posted on 26.11.2020, 12:18 by Wisniewski H., Gorrindo T., Rauseo-Ricupero N., Hilty D., Torous J.
As the role of technology expands in healthcare, so does the need to support its implementation and integration into the clinic. The concept of a new team member, the digital navigator, able to assume this role is introduced as a solution. With a digital navigator, any clinic today can take advantage of digital health and smartphone tools to augment and expand existing telehealth and face to face care. The role of a digital navigator is suitable as an entry level healthcare role, additional training for an experienced clinician, and well suited to peer specialists. To facilitate the training of digital navigators, we draw upon our experience in creating the role and across health education to introduce a 10-h curriculum designed to train digital navigators across 5 domains: (1) core smartphone skills, (2) basic technology troubleshooting, (3) app evaluation, (4) clinical terminology and data, and (5) engagement techniques. This paper outlines the curricular content, skills, and modules for this training and features a rich online supplementary Appendix with step by step instructions and resources.


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