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Supplementary Material for: The open field test as a tool for behaviour analysis in pigs – recommendations for set-up standardisation. A systematic review.

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posted on 22.06.2022, 15:52 authored by Schulz M., Zieglowski L., Kopaczka M., Tolba R.H.
Introduction: The open field (OFT) test is a common tool to assess anxiety and behavioural changes in rodents. It has been adapted to pigs with no systematic investigation of how environmental changes may alter the performance of pigs. Currently, the number of published studies including the OFT in domestic pig models is increasing without standardisation Methods: Our review aimed to investigate the open field (OF) set-ups in published studies and the similarities between performance and published parameters. Results: Following the PRISMA guidelines for reviews, we selected 69 studies for inclusion in this systematic review. We determined the specific set-up conditions such as dimensions, duration and time of day for most of the included studies; we found high variability across studies with respect to these test specifics. Discussion: Our results indicate the inconsistent implementation of OF the set-up, including dimensions, timing, parameters, and additional combined tests (e.g. new object tests). Based on our findings, we have made recommendations for the performance of the OFT, according to the current literature.


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