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Supplementary Material for: Understanding and Classification of Ocular Lymphomas

posted on 16.05.2019, 08:15 by White V.A.
Background: Lymphomas that involve the tissues of the ocular adnexae and the eye itself can be confusing for both the new and seasoned learner alike. In this review, I present a simple way of classifying these disorders that will help to facilitate understanding of these myriad entities. Summary: Classifications of lymphomas have changed significantly over the last 40 years, but in recent decades, the basic structure of the WHO classification has remained the same, facilitating understanding. Key Messages: The ocular lymphomas can be divided into those that are external to the eye (ocular adnexae) and those that are internal (vitreoretinal and uveal). At each of these sites specific subtypes of lymphoma are common. Focusing on these common subtypes can aid the learner to create a scaffold that enables current understanding and upon which they can build for the future.


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