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Supplementary Material for: Validation of the German Version of the Power of Food Scale in a General Population Sample

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posted on 02.07.2019, 07:59 by Andreeva E., Neumann M., Nöhre M., Brähler E., Hilbert A., deZwaan M.
Objective: The Power of Food Scale (PFS) is a self-report instrument for assessing appetitive motivation in the absence of caloric needs. The study aim was to validate the German PFS version in a large population sample. Methods: Complete information on all PFS items was available from 2,421 respondents (age ≥14) of a nationally representative sample of the German population. We examined the psychometric properties of the German PFS version and provided population-based normative data. Results: The 3-factor structure of the original scale was replicated in confirmatory factor analysis. The German PFS version demonstrated good internal consistency (α = 0.92 for the total scale). It was well accepted by the respondents, as indicated by a low proportion of missing item values (≤0.56%). While no significant differences were observed in the PFS mean scores between men and women, the scores increased across BMI categories. PFS was positively correlated with a measure of global eating disorder psychopathology (Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire 8) and the ultra-brief Patient Health Questionnaire for depression and anxiety. Conclusions: Our findings suggest that the German PFS version has adequate psychometric properties and good reliability for measuring hedonic hunger in the general population. The provided population-based norms can be used for individual assessment.


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