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Supplementary Material for: Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel β1 Gene: An Overview

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posted on 26.05.2021, 06:25 by Al-Ward H., Liu C.-Y., Liu N., Shaher F., Al-Nusaif M., Mao J., Xu H.
Background: Voltage-gated sodium channels are protein complexes composed of 2 subunits, namely, pore-forming α- and regulatory β-subunits. A β-subunit consists of 5 proteins encoded by 4 genes (i.e., SCN1B–SCN4B). Summary: β1-Subunits regulate sodium ion channel functions, including gating properties, subcellular localization, and kinetics. Key Message: Sodium channel β1- and its variant β1B-subunits are encoded by SCN1B. These variants are associated with many human diseases, such as epilepsy, Brugada syndrome, Dravet syndrome, and cancers. On the basis of previous research, we aimed to provide an overview of the structure, expression, and involvement of SCN1B in physiological processes and focused on its role in diseases.


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