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Supplementary Material for: Streptococcus salivarius Isolates of Varying Acid Tolerance Exhibit F1F0-ATPase Conservation

posted on 07.06.2021, 08:40 by Allen L.L., Heng N.C.K., Tompkins G.R.
Genes encoding the subunits of the membrane-bound F1F0-ATPase (responsible for exporting protons from the cytoplasm and contributing to acid tolerance) were sequenced for 24 non-mutans streptococci isolated from carious lesions. Isolates, mostly Streptococcus salivarius, displayed a continuum of acid tolerance thresholds ranging from pH 4.55 to 3.39, but amino acid alignments of F1F0-ATPase subunits revealed few non-synonymous substitutions and these were unrelated to acid tolerance. Thus, the F1F0-ATPase is highly-conserved among S. salivarius isolates despite varying acid tolerance thresholds, supporting the contention that acid tolerance is determined by the level of gene/protein expression rather than variation in molecular structure.