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Supplementary Material for: Complete Sequence and Organization of pFR260, the Bacillus thuringiensis INTA Fr7-4 Plasmid Harboring Insecticidal Genes

posted on 17.01.2017, 07:24 by Navas L.E., Amadio A.F., Ortiz E.M., Sauka D.H., Benintende G.B., Berretta M.F., Zandomeni R.O.
We report the complete sequence and analysis of pFR260, a novel megaplasmid of 260,595 bp from the Bacillus thuringiensis strain INTA Fr7-4 isolated in Argentina. It carries 7 insecticidal genes: 3 cry8 copies previously reported, 2 vip1, and 2 vip2. Also, it carries a gene encoding a putative atypical Cry protein. These genes are arranged in a region of approximately 105 kbp in size with characteristics of a pathogenicity island with a potential coleopteran-specific insecticide profile. DNA strand composition asymmetry, as determined by GC skew analysis, and the presence of a Rep protein involved in the initiation of replication suggest a bidirectional thetamechanism of replication. In addition, many genes involved in conjugation and a CRISPR-Cas system were detected. The pFR260 sequence was deposited in GenBank under accession number KX258624.