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Supplementary Material for: The Structure, Pathogenicity and Immunogenicity of Two Virion Fractions Harvested from Cell Cultures Infected with the CA16 Virus

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posted on 24.10.2016, 11:49 by Pu J., Huang H., Zhang Y., Feng M., Yang E., Che Y., Dong C., Liao Y., Liu L., Wang L., Li Q.

Objectives: To investigate the biological characteristics of the two types of virion fractions of Coxsackievirus A 16 (CA16), which include the real virion fraction and pseudo-virion fraction in their structure, pathogenicity and immunogenicity. Methods: We obtained the two CA16 virion fractions by density gradient centrifugation. The morphology of virion fractions was analyzed by electron microscopy, while the antigenic characteristics and immunogenicity of two virion fractions were determined by ELISA, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, qRT-PCR, and the mouse model of immune response. Results: The two virion fractions contained the major viral antigen components in their structures, showed similar pathogenicity in a neonatal murine model and were capable of inducing an effective primary immune response in adult mice, regardless of the essential distinction between the two virion fractions, which was the cleavage of VP0 to VP2 and VP4. Conclusions: The two CA16 virion fractions showed antigenicity and immunogenicity with inducing a specific immune response in animals.