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Supplementary Material for: Citation Classics in Stroke: The Top-100 Cited Articles on Hemorrhagic Stroke

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posted on 20.09.2017, 13:27 by Kim Y., Yoon D.Y., Kim J.-E., Park K.M., Lee J.-H., Song H.-K., Bae J.S.

Background: Stroke is a disastrous disease and a major health burden worldwide, especially in Korea. Hemorrhagic stroke (HS) accounts for approximately 20% of all the types of strokes. It is important to be able to evaluate stroke diagnoses and evolving treatments. Objective: We aimed to identify the top-100 cited articles and assess a paradigm shift that occurred in the field of HS. Methods: We searched all articles that had been cited more than 100 times using the Web of Science citation search tool during January 2016. Among a total of 2,651 articles, we identified the top-100 cited articles on HS. Results: The number of citations for the articles analyzed in this study ranged from 1,746 to 211, and the number of annual citations ranged from 125.6 to 5.5. Most of the articles that were published in Stroke (35%) and Journal of Neurosurgery (22%), originated in the United States (n = 56), were original articles (64%), and dealt with the natural history or etiology (n = 37) and vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage (n = 8). Conclusions: We analyzed the top-100 cited articles in the field of HS based on citation rates. The results provide a unique perspective on historical and academic developments in this field.