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Supplementary Material for: Implementation of a Simplified Regional Citrate Anticoagulation Protocol for Post-Dilution Continuous Hemofiltration Using a Bicarbonate Buffered, Calcium Containing Replacement Solution

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posted on 18.11.2016, 12:02 by Kirwan C.J., Hutchison R., Ghabina S., Schwarze S., Beane A., Ramsay S., Thompson E., Prowle J.R.

Background/Aims: Recent updates to the Nikkiso Aquarius continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) platform allowed us to develop a post-dilution protocol for regional citrate anticoagulation (RCA) using standard bicarbonate buffered, calcium containing replacement solution with acid citrate dextrose formula-A as a citrate source. Our objective was to demonstrate that the protocol was safe and effective. Methods: Prospective audit of consecutive patients receiving RCA for CRRT within intensive care unit, who were either contraindicated to heparin or had poor filter lifespan (<12 h for 2 consecutive filters) on heparin. Results: We present the first 29 patients who used 98 filters. After excluding ‘non-clot' filter loss, 50% had a duration of >27 h. Calcium supplementation was required for 30 (30%) filter circuits, in 17 of 29 (58%) patients. One patient discontinued the treatment due to metabolic alkalosis, but there were no adverse bleeding events. Conclusion: Post-dilution RCA system is effective and simple to use on the Aquarius platform and results in comparable filter life for patients relatively contraindicated to heparin.