Supplementary Material for: Capsule Endoscope Aspiration after Repeated Attempts for Ingesting a Patency Capsule

posted on 24.10.2016 by Mannami T., Ikeda G., Seno S., Sonobe H., Fujiwara N., Komoda M., Edahiro S., Ohtawa Y., Fujimoto Y., Sato N., Kambara T., Waku T.

Capsule endoscope aspiration into the respiratory tract is a rare complication of capsule endoscopy. Despite the potential seriousness of this complication, no accepted methods exist to accurately predict and therefore prevent it. We describe the case of an 85-year-old male who presented for evaluation of iron deficiency anemia. He complained of dysphagia while ingesting a patency capsule, with several attempts over a period of 5 min before he was successful. Five days later, he underwent capsule endoscopy, where he experienced similar symptoms in swallowing the capsule. The rest of the examination proceeded uneventfully. On reviewing the captured images, the capsule endoscope was revealed to be aspirated, remaining in the respiratory tract for approximately 220 s before images of the esophagus and stomach appeared. To our knowledge, this is the first documented case of a patient who experienced capsule endoscope aspiration after ingestion of a patency capsule. This case suggests that repeated attempts required for ingesting the patency capsule can predict capsule endoscope aspiration. We presume that paying sufficient attention to the symptoms of a patient who ingests a patency capsule could help us prevent serious complications such as aspiration of the capsule endoscope. In addition, this experience implies the potential risk for ingesting the patency capsule. We must be aware that the patency capsule could also be aspirated and there may be more unrecognized aspiration cases.