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Supplementary Material for: Motorized Spiral Enteroscopy for Occult Bleeding

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posted on 26.04.2018, 11:31 by Mans L., Arvanitakis M., Neuhaus H., Devière J.
Small-bowel disorders remain a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge due to intestinal length. Their management was revolutionized by the emergence of deep enteroscopy. In comparison with video capsule endoscopy, deep enteroscopy allows diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. Spiral enteroscopy (Spirus Medical Endo-Ease Overtube) achieves progression by gentle push and manual clockwise rotation inducing pleating of the small bowel on the endoscope. It has the advantage of shorter examination time and more stability during withdrawal but requires two operators. The Novel Motorized Spiral Enteroscope (Olympus Corp.) incorporates a user-controlled motor contained in the handle of the endoscope. This would offer the possibility to accelerate the procedure, facilitate insertion, and simplify the technique with a single operator.


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