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Supplementary Material for: Novel Use of Fillers (Chin, Nose, Hands)

posted on 21.11.2017, 13:27 by Marmur E.
This is a time of exponential growth in the field of fillers. New types of fillers, with new properties, give new clinical outcomes in new demographics of patients. Younger patients and older patients, as well as male patients are now comfortable asking for fillers [1,2,3,4,5,6]. Fillers are not just for socialites and celebrities anymore. What are the novel uses of fillers? The sky's the limit: off-label uses of fillers are possibly more common than their on-label uses. Fillers are used in fingers, hands, arms, cleavages, buttocks, knees, feet, noses, necks, temples, foreheads, glabellas, upper eyelids, eyebrows, under eye circles, inside the orbit, into joint spaces, and around the genitals. Where there is a want or need for soft tissue augmentation, fillers are injected. As the options for different types of fillers increase, the applications expand, as well as push our knowledge and techniques. This chapter will discuss some of the novel uses of soft tissue fillers, specifically in the temples, jawline, chin, hands, fingers, nose, and infraorbital folds.


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