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Supplementary Material for: QuickSF: A New Technique in Surfactant Administration

posted on 15.11.2016, 07:05 by Maiwald C.A., Neuberger P., Vochem M., Poets C.
Background: Recent studies indicate an increasing use of less invasive surfactant administration. Different techniques have been shown with distinct risks and benefits. The aim of this study was to develop a new method that simplifies this procedure. Objectives: An applicator was developed and tested on a manikin to make tracheal surfactant application easier and faster. Methods: A device for oral administration of a catheter into the trachea was developed. After refining, it was tested by 9 neonatologists on a manikin. The primary aim was device feasibility, which was defined as successful intubation within 30 s. Results: The first device showed success in 30 of 33 measurements (90.9%). After refinement, the final device showed successful intubation in all 27 trials (100%). Conclusion: The new technique was feasible in this manikin test and should be confirmed in a clinical study.