Supplementary Material for: Twenty Years of Physical Mapping of Major Ribosomal RNA Genes across the Teleosts: A Review of Research

2013-09-28T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Gornung E.
Molecular cytogenetic data on the number and position of 45S ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA; located in nucleolus organizing regions, NORs) detected by FISH in 330 species of 77 families and 22 orders of bony fishes (Teleostei) and, additionally, 11 species of basal ray-finned fishes are compiled and analyzed. The portion of species with single rDNA sites in the sample amounts to 72%. The percentage of species with multiple NORs decreases with increasing numbers of rDNA loci per genome, i.e. scarcely 3% of species carry 4 or more rDNA-bearing chromosome pairs. 43% of all rDNA sites analyzed occur terminally on the short arms of chromosomes or constitute them. In general, terminal rDNA sites account for 87% of all examined cases. Interspecific variation in the location of single rDNA sites among related taxa, polymorphisms of multiple NORs in some groups of teleosts and analytical outcomes on the subject are reviewed.