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Supplementary Material for: Increased Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells Are Correlated with Eosinophilic Granulocytes in Patients with Allergic Airway Inflammation

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posted on 11.04.2018, 08:09 by Yu Q.-N., Tan W.-P., Fan X.-L., Guo Y.-B., Qin Z.-L., Li C.-L., Chen D., Lin Z.B., Wen W., Fu Q.-L.
The T helper 2 (Th2)-type response was considered the hypostasis of allergic airway diseases, including asthma and allergic rhinitis (AR). However, more recent studies have suggested that allergic airway inflammation also depends on innate immunity and is closely related to group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s). This study evaluated the ILC2 levels of asthma subjects, patients with asthma and AR, and healthy individuals, regarding how to investigate the relationship between clinical data and ILC2 levels. It was found that asthma patients and asthma with AR patients had higher ILC2 levels compared to healthy subjects. ILC2s were positively correlated with the percentage of eosinophils in patients with asthma and AR, but not with pulmonary function. ILC2 levels were higher in mild asthma subjects than in patients with severe asthma. This study provides a new interpretation of the pathogenesis of allergic airway inflammation and may provide a new direction for the diagnosis and assessment of allergic airway diseases.