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Supplementary Material for: The Influence of Breast Cancer on the Distribution of Cherry Angiomas on the Anterior Thoracic Wall: A Case Series Study

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posted on 31.10.2018, 12:01 by Guastafierro A., Verdura V., DiPace B., Faenza M., Rubino C.
Background/Aims: Cherry angiomas (CAs) are one of the most common vascular manifestations of the skin. By and large, these benign lesions often only represent an aesthetic problem. In the literature, few authors have focused on the pathogenesis of these lesions, and some risk factors have been identified, such as the presence of cutaneous and non-skin neoplasias. In this study, the correlation between the distribution of CAs and breast cancer was investigated. Methods: We carried out a study whereby 50 women with unilateral breast cancer and the presence of CAs on the anterior thoracic wall were evaluated, with a particular focus on the difference in the number of CAs between the two haemithoraces. The data was elaborated using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test in order to evaluate whether there was a statistical significance in the distribution of CAs. Results: In 31 patients we found that the number of CAs was greater on the cancerous breast than on the contralateral one (p value <0.0001). This was confirmed both in the group of patients suffering from ductal breast cancer and in the group with early invasive breast tumours. Conclusion: It is not clear whether CAs develop prior to or following breast cancer, indicating the possibility that this cutaneous manifestation could take on a predictive, prognostic development or represent only an epiphenomenon. Further in-depth studies into the pathogenesis of CAs and the relationship with breast cancer could lead to noteworthy diagnostic-therapeutic advances.